Bespoke Body Massage

Spa experts say that a 50-minute massage is equivalent to eight hours of sleep for the body. Massage is undoubtedly one of the most popular spa treatments of all time, it has many benefits from relaxing tired muscles to improving circulation and reliving tension and stress.
Here at Spa cottage our spa therapists offer the ultimate massage which is tailored made to what you; the client needs, should that be light pressure, deep tissue or Hot Stone, personalised to what the client needs.


This massage can also include Hot Stones (please request upon booking).

1 hour inc cons
From £65

Spa Cottage Bespoke Full Body Massage

Our full body bespoke body massage is ideal for all clients it can include relief of deep tension and relaxation of the entire body and includes massage of legs, arms, back and shoulders. This massage can be adapted to your individual needs. Can include hot stones (upon request)

From £55

Spa Cottage Bespoke 45min Back, neck and shoulder massage

This massage is perfect for clients suffering with deep tension in their back and shoulders. The therapist concentrates on the back for the entire massage and can adapt to your body’s needs.

From £46

Spa Cottage Bespoke 30min Back, neck and shoulder massage

An express massage for those who are short of time but want a quick relief of tension. The therapist concentrates on the back and shoulders.