Gel Polish

The beauty world is raving about the CND SHELLAC™ Nails.  Shellac™ Nails are a fantastic alternative to Gel Nails. CND SHELLAC™ Nails last up to 14 days  with a high gloss finish and instantly dries. Shellac is perfect as it can last up to two weeks chip free! . They do not scratch or smudge and they have one major benefit that CND SHELLAC™ does not damage the nails.

  • 14 Day Wear
  • Zero Dry Time
  • Mirror Finish

We also offer IBD, OPI and Orly Gel FX which is the same concept and also has a wide choice of colours and can last up to 14days.

Available in a range of colours for both hands and feet.




From £37

Mini Manicure with Gel Polish add on

The perfect Manicure! Nails are shaped and filed, cuticle work and application of gel polish.

From £26

Shellac Shape and Gel Polish

Nails filed and shaped and application of gel polish. This does not include cuticle work. if you require cuticle work, please book in for

From £36

Manicure with Shellac Strengthening Gel

This treatment is ideal for a weakened nail plate. An easily removable gel layer, that perfects and smoothes the surface of the natural nail. Nails are filed and shaped and application of Shellac with nail strengthening layer that’s light and smoothes the nail for a flawless finish!

From £41

Mini Pedicure with Application

Nails filed and shaped, and application of gel polish

From £43

Full Pedicure with Application

Nails filed and shaped, cuticle work, foot rasp and application of your chosen gel polish.

From £6

French Application

Have a french finish as an extra on top of your application, manicure or pedicure.