Body Wrapping


The slim gel treatment works on a combination of detox, compression therapy and intracellular transaction. This is a serious treatment that delivers serious results. The treatment works on a combination of 3 processes and doesn’t require the body to sweat profusely, but instead works in synergy with the body, a one off treatment will maintain inch loss for 3-4days, which makes it an ideal pre-holiday, pre-party or pre-special occasion treatment.

Inches can be kept off if you are willing to put some work in too. For those people who are on a slimming diet, this is a perfect addition to restore enthusiasm and determination. Ideally a course of 3 treatments are recommended – one a week for 3 weeks, then once a month to maintain.

From £48

Body Wrap

This treatment includes a consultation where you are measured in your target areas before a seaweed gel is applied and you are wrapped. We then leave you to relax before removing the wrap and measuring you again to show the lost inches!

From £128

3 Body Wraps

Course of 3 Body Wraps to achieve maximum results!