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Lipo Lase and Body Wrap


The original laser body contour system to reduce body fat in a painless, non-surgical way. Lose inches after just one session!

The treatment works by a process called laser lipolsis, in which fat cells are gently encouraged to release their contents, which are then used by the body as energy.

The treatment can release up to 60g of fat into the body which must be used up for longer lasting results. To achieve this we ask you to do a work out with a cardio-vascular exercise for at least 30 minutes within 24 hours of your treatment and increase your daily water intake.






Treatment List

1 Session

Price: £95
Time: TBC

Face session

Price: £55
Time: TBC

Course Of Sessions

Price: £360
Time: TBC
Minimum of 4 sessions per course. Price is an initial cost.

Body Wrap

Price: £48
Time: TBC
This treatment includes a consultation where you are measured in your target areas before a seaweed gel is applied and you are wrapped. We then leave you to relax before removing the wrap and measuring you again to show the lost inches!

3 Body Wraps

Price: £128
Time: TBC
Course of 3 Body Wraps to achieve maximum results!

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